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Tracy Shaughnessy

Faith Formation Director


Gina Kulak

Assistant TO Faith Formation Director




2018 Forms coming soon.

Kindergarten to 6th grade

“...Come, follow me” (Luke 18:22) Jesus wants us to follow him. We have His commandments, His lessons from His time here on earth, and the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Pilot Confirmation 1st year

The class time for the Confirmation Saint name essay is complete. Many students have turned in their work, congratulations! Remember, they are due by September 1st.


Space is limited; registrations will be out by June 1st however if we are able to release it earlier Father will announce it at the end of Mass.

The summer options for this year will be for 6th grade and Confirmation Year 1 or 2. The 6th grade program will be the week of June 25th.

The summer program for Year 1 and 2 will each be offered two weeks this summer; June 25th is the first week and August 6th is the second. Both years have additional required dates. Preference for the Year 1 Summer program will be given to those students that are currently enrolled in Faith Formation and Catholic School students.

First Sacraments 2018

A special Thank You to Holy Name and the Knights of Columbus for the First Communion Rosary bracelets! Also to Veronica Huh for lovingly hand making each bracelet.

Service Opportunities

To sign up for any service opportunities
please visit the Faith Formation bulletin board.


  • Greeter Ministry, help us welcome people that come to Mass by opening doors and smiling! (contact Deacon at
  • See the bulletin board and Human Development News for more opportunities

Prayer for the Holy Family O God

O God, who was pleased to give us
the shining example of the Holy Family,
graciously grant that we may imitate them
in practicing the virtues of family life.
Transform our doubt to faith; Strengthen our hope;
Help us to live in charity.
Until we are all one in your kingdom
through Jesus Christ, your Son,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
One God, for ever and ever.